Music has been characterizing my life since early childhood, pleasurable experiences such as making music together with my family and regularly traveling with a youth orchestra through Europe belong to my favourite childhood memories.

I went on to play leading alto-saxophone in a Big Band in which I also sang for 17 years.

It was during this time that I fell more and more in love with jazz music.

I went on to study jazz singing at the music academy in Nuremberg and passed with distinction.

Constant self discipline and the good fortune of being able to work with well-known musicians have paved the way to what I am today: Tours and concerts have taken me through the whole of Germany and to Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and France.

It‘s important to me to be able to create and be a part of what I‘m singing. I‘m interested in enthralling, beautiful sounds, harmonious correlations and I love the creative practice of writing. To put aside technical perfections, the only thing I‘ve ever aimed for is to produce „simplicity“ and in doing so enhancing and developing the natural singularity of the voice.

I prefer straightforward, precise singing, clear in its intention.


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